Sickle Cell Anaemia: Osodieme takes Genotype Education to Communities

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The Wife of the Governor of Anambra State, and founder of the NGO, Caring Family Enhancement Initiative (CAFÉ), Dr Mrs. Ebelechukwu Obiano (Osodieme) has taken advocacy, awareness campaign and genotype education among intending couples to Anambra communities in the course her humanitarian tour of twenty-one Local Government Areas as a means of stemming the incidence of sickle cell disorder.
Osodieme stated during the local government tour which kicked-off at Awka
South through Orumba North and South LGAs, that the genotype campaign had become necessary to educate parents and guardians, and intending couples, on the dangers of sickle cell anaemia and how it can be avoided by making the right choices before marriage.
According to Osodieme, “It is important that intending couples test themselves beforehand since love is not enough to mitigate the pains of the products of a union that produces a child when SS and AS partners marry. It is better to avoid the stigmatization, exploitation and abuse that sickle cell patients pass through by ensuring that couples pair rightly before marriage.”
Osodieme opined that the genotype advocacy campaign is in furtherance of the law already passed by the Anambra State Assembly, which makes it mandatory for genotype tests to be carried out before marriage. She therefore urged parents to ensure that, their children who are intending to enter into marriages, check their genotypes as their own contribution towards eliminating the scourge of sickle cell anaemia effectively in Anambra State.
The state law on compulsory genotype test states that “no religious body or marriage registry shall perform solemnization of matrimony without the presentation of sickle cell disease prevention certificate by intending couples.”
In the same vein, Osodieme challenged women to prioritize their health and take advantage of the affordable healthcare policies instituted by the Anambra State Government.
The wife of the Governor called on all to patronize the Anambra State Health
Insurance Agency (ASHIA), which has subsidized healthcare for all in the state by opening opportunities for women and children, especially the indigent, to live healthily by seeking free and adequate medicare at designated hospitals of choice across the state.
She further said the subsidy on health insurance developed by Governor Willie Obiano which demands just N1000 per month or 12,500 per annum for the benefit of ndi Anambra through ASHIA, shows that the present administration places high premium on quality and accessible healthcare for every Onye Anambra irrespective of location, social status and financial capability.
The Local Government tour which moves to Aguata and Anaocha continues every day till end of August 2019.

Emeka Ozumba

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