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Br3asts fall out as two ladies fight in a hotel lobby (Video)

Two angry women caused chaos when they engaged in a fight outside a posh hotel in Miami, Florida, United States.

The women, one dressed in white trousers and a black top and the other in a black dress, started brawling in the lobby and members of staff tried to pull them apart but each refused to let go of the other.

One member of staff tried to intervene as they pulled each other’s hair and hit each other, while an older man radios to fellow staff members for backup.

During the fight, the woman in the light trousers suffers a wardrobe malfunction. Her top slips down and her breasts are exposed but the chaotic brawl continues regardless.

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Onlookers gathered, getting an eyeful of a pair of boobs swinging around.

Three other workers eventually come in to help and separate the warring women outside the expensive hotel that costs around £1,000 per night to stay in.

The video has gone viral on X, with viewers reacting to it.

One X user suggested: “Never fight in a tube top.”

Br3asts fall out as two ladies fight in a hotel lobby

Watch the video below.