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Femi Otedola Becomes Chairman Of First Bank

Nigerian businessman and philanthropist, Femi Otedola has emerged the Chairman of First Bank.

FBN Holdings Plc, a leading financial institution in Nigeria, has announced the appointment of Mr. Olufemi Peter Otedola, CON, as its new Chairman of the Board of Directors.

This appointment, effective January 31, 2024, follows a recent meeting of the board where Mr. Otedola succeeds Alhaji Ahmad Abdullahi.

Mr. Otedola, a renowned business mogul with significant contributions in various sectors, is expected to bring his extensive experience and strategic insight to FBN Holdings. His leadership is anticipated to drive growth, innovation, and enhanced performance in the company.

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The outgoing Chairman, Alhaji Ahmad Abdullahi, is commended for his tenure, during which he guided FBN Holdings through numerous challenges, maintaining its stature in the Nigerian financial landscape. The transition marks a new phase for FBN Holdings, with stakeholders and analysts keenly observing the potential impacts of Mr. Otedola’s chairmanship.

As the Nigerian financial sector continues to evolve, FBN Holdings, under Mr. Otedola’s leadership, is poised to strengthen its position in the market and deliver increased value to shareholders and customers.